Top 10 Domesticated Animals

September 8, 2017



 Have you ever wanted a pet and then several questions popped into your head for example: "How often would I feed my pet?", "Do I have enough time for my pet?", "Is my house the right size for a pet?" Well here are a few pets that are suitable for a home!


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Disclaimer:These are our personal top ten choices and every pet has their individual personality so keep in mind some pets need more attention then others. For example puppies even certain fish can be extremely loving and chose their owner over food!



 The dog is a good domesticated pet that has amazingly evolved from wolves.They are very adorable, loyal, and playful. This pet lives to make their owners happy, by protecting the family and more. Also there are many kinds of dogs which can be suitable for a small or large home.




The next pet is a domestic Cat or the Feral Cat which is a small feline, good hunter and comes in a variety of colors and fur patterns. Cats are very loving and snuggly but also independent so they don'y need a lot of attention.





Fish don't jump out of their tanks for walks! They are easily fed, relaxing to watch and friendly. There are even fish that clean the inside of the fish tanks!




To continue the rabbit is another domestic animal which is soft and cute. 

Very cuddly, super friendly and easy to pick up. They can also live outside the house.




Furthermore a hamster is another good domestic animal. They are tiny, 

cute and easy to take care of. They eat a little and their bedding would 

need to be changed weekly.




A lizard is a good domestic pet as well. They are easy to handle, depending on the lizard there is no need to feed them everyday. With their heat source available they are capable of living with you in any weather. 




Birds are good domestic pets due to their long lifespan, social interaction and lovingness. Playing and talking to a pet bird can relieve stress as well. 


3.Guinea Pig


Guinea pigs are good for any size home.They require a small area to fit a cage 

and they are easy to take care of.




The ferret is the domesticated form of the European polecat. 

They are playful and energetic.




Turtles are easy to take care of due to their low maintenance. 

They are good for large and small homes!

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