7 Tips for Moving From an Apartment to a House

September 8, 2017

Are you upgrading from an apartment to a beautiful home? If so, here are 7 Tips for Moving From an Apartment to a House. We hope this helps you out on your journey to a better life!

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Disclaimer: This article is based off on our own observations and our colleagues. Your home is for your peace and comfort, do as you wish. Here are a few tips we hope help you have an easier transition, from an apartment to a house. 


#1. Keep the things that you will need



No need to take everything with you, just take what is necessary to your new house. Make a list what is important.


#2.Keep budgeting


Set how much you would spend on your income for the house, for decoration, repainting, fixing the garage, trimming the backyard and all. Start wisely investing for your new home.


#3.Recreate what you have got


There are so many way to rehab your furnitures, without having to spend a lot of money. If your not creative get inspiration for your furniture online, for example, Pinterest or Etsy.


4. Maximize wall color


White walls are boring and can make your room looks “empty”. Get creative with the family; start painting your room with bright colors or wallpaper roll to make it look festive.


#5.Save money on rugs and carpets


If you can afford big rugs, that’s great, but if not, you can use a lower-priced cheap rug from Costco and layer a decorative rug on top of it. Check out online for low prices too!


#6. Change the lightbulbs & lighting


Start swapping your lightbulbs around the house with the efficient-energy light bulbs, it will cost-effective in the long-run for your PG&E bills. You can also put solar panels to save extra money for the future.


#7.Add inexpensive accessories for the house


If you have extra cash from your spending limit, you can start adding accessories for you new house. For example extra mini towels, throw pillows for your sofas, a new blankets and so on.



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