6 Things Millennials Are Looking For in a Home

July 27, 2017

Ah millennials, millennials. The group that tips the scale of nearly everything they touch. More and more millennials are buying houses. Do you know what they are looking for and what will make them more likely to buy? Read the 6 things millennial are looking for in a home below.


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Disclaimer: This article is based off on our own observations and our colleagues. Millennials are NOT like the typical home shoppers we are used to in the real estate industry. They are more likely to buy before marriage, own for a shorter period of time, and are more likely to flip a house more than any other generation. Fortunately, the number of millennial home shoppers is only going to go up in the years to come. Here is what you, as a great real estate agent, should keep in mind.



Open floor plans are highly preferable. Millennials rather have their guests flow through their home as opposed to have assigned rooms (I.E. Formal dining room). It's a trend that will continue on throughout the years. They are less likely to care about the extra rooms or use them for the assigned purpose.



Millennials are more likely to want a home office space. Again, nothing too fancy (no chandeliers please) but more and more people are wanting to work from home. 



Millennials are looking for low-upkeep features in a potential home. These features may include hardwood floors or tile rather than carpet. There's even a trend that may suggest that this age group would rather replace rather than fix items in their home. Just something to keep in mind




 You see it in the media. It is a fact. We are facing a global warming. Millennials are the driving force in the movement to lessening the harming effects it will have in later generations. They are more likely to be environmentally aware. They are going to look for solar panels or other energy efficient solutions. If the houses they are interested in do not have these features, they are going to ask you for references to be able to implement them either way. Think of people you can contact ahead of time. Stay up to date with your contacts!




Millennials do NOT want houses that feel and look old. Most may prefer granite countertops as opposed to tile. Updated cabinets are a must! 




This is a MUST! Our team hires a great photographer to take amazing pictures of 97% of our properties. In turn, we are able to get buyers interested 40% faster than agents who do not do professional photography for their properties! I mean, THINK ABOUT IT. We are talking about a generation who lives and thrives on social media; where every single picture is carefully curated. 

If professional photography is not in your budget, watch some online videos about the subject. We will also be writing a blog post about this soon so make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter and be the first to read it and follow us on social media!





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