5 TIPS on Selling Houses FASTER!

As the best real estate team in California, we know how to sell houses FAST and we want to tell you how. The Diego Real Estate Group has closed 75+ transactions thus far in 2017! 
We would love to give you a few tips to increase the number of houses you sell.


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1. Return emails and calls LIGHTNING FAST. No excuses!


Selling a house is stressful for your client, don't let them doubt you by not answering your phone. If you miss a call, call back ASAP. Never ignore your emails. Don't leave it for later. Do it now. Also, buyers will constantly contact you with offers and questions. Do not ignore those either. Always memorize the information about the houses on your plate and in your market. If you have stumbled upon new leads, make contact and follow-up IMMEDIATELY. Do not let them sit for too long. They may lose interest or move on.




To be a successful real estate agent you have to network! Go to business functions, such as Chamber of Commerce events near you, even if they are not for your specific industry. Attend real estate events near you; you may meet new leads and make more colleagues. It is important to have an open, welcoming network. Hopefully, by now, you have made a Facebook page, a Zillow page and joined a few Facebook groups. If not, what are you waiting for? Get out there and network!


Watch Diego's F.A.R. Event Speech here!


3. Beautiful Pictures

 A picture is worth a thousand words. What do your listing pictures say about the house? You don't need top of the line equipment, but make sure the space you're photographing has good lighting, and there's ABSOLUTELY no mess. Any of these will mess up a potentially great picture. If photography is not your forte, hire someone who knows how to take great real estate photos. Buyers looking through the listings automatically like houses with better pictures. Listings with fantastic photos also sell FASTER. Don't be that one agent with a great listing but terrible pictures!




 Diego posted this on his Facebook wall: 

"I walk in to KW... Only grinders left at the office, Austin and Chantel. Caught this candid moment of them talking, 'Austin you may be the wolf of KW, but you still need to do disclosures.' 'Nah mah, I'm a hustla!'

That is true Diego Espinoza Group SPIRIT! Our hustle is the only thing we have control over that can change the outcome of our lives. Real estate can be easy or hard business, depending on how hard you work. Put in that overtime and it will return tenfold. 



5.  Never stop learning

 The group is also known to watch TED Talks, and tons of informative content about real estate regularly. This is how we keep up with the ever changing trends of real estate and technology which we then implement onto our strategies. Diego had the honor of speaking at the 2017 KWYP Event in Fresno about his experience building a team and the whole team stopped by!


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