How I'm Turning A Burnt House Into My Dream Home

January 20, 2017

Yeah, I bought a burned house. And yes, I am going to renovate it to my heart's content.


I came across this house's story from one of my colleagues and thought,

"Man, I NEED to have that house." 


I read up on the neighborhood's story and it is quite interesting.  According to the website, my new home was owned by Dan and Mary Chamberlain. Dan Chamberlain was an engineer and a photographer. Dan died and then Mary married Fred Swartz. Swartz graduated from Fresno High School in 1903 and became an architect who led many projects here in the San Joaquin Valley, East Bay and the Monterey Bay Area. Such projects included: C. H. Ingram's Fresno Home (1923) and the Fresno State College Library (1933). Very interesting people have lived in my house!


Read my house's story here and check out the neighborhood's story here.

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I am extremely excited to say the least. Here are 5 things I'm doing, or would like to, in order to make this house my home.

 (My house. Picture taken from Zillow)



1. High transom:


For this home, I want high transoms (solid panels, found over doors and windows). It gives a very complete look to the house. I found this picture on Zillow here to provide you guys with an idea of what I'm referring to.









2. Mature Vegetation:

This house boasts a back patio area which I would like to develop more.

I haven't yet made up my mind about what exactly to do, but I am considering expanding on the idea of making it green and lush, somewhat similar to the picture on the right.


Picture found here.


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3. Geometric features:

I really like the classic look of these windows below. Something of the sort would go very well with the Tudor style of my house.

I found this picture here.



4. A Remodeled basement:

I have always pictured my dream home with a basement similar to this.

Somewhere for when I am not working (which is never). I can come down and relax (or make 500 more calls).  Something rustic, with lots of woodwork, would be an ideal place for me to relax. Wouldn't mind somewhere I can put in a treadmill, either. This picture gives me tons of inspiration; check it out here.


5. Fireplace in the living room:

I'm humble, but I like things classy. This living room really is something I would go for when setting up my house's living space. The wood accents the shape of the room; the whites in the walls and carpets provide the sense of  a more open space. And the furniture brings it all together!

Found it here.


And that is just 5 things I can do to make it my dream home!

There is many, many more things I would like to do to renovate this home...


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