DiegoTalks. Speaking in front of DOZENS OF PEOPLE

October 18, 2016

Back in June, I had the honorary pleasure of being invited to speak at the Fresno Association of Realtor's (F.A.R.) Event. Dozens of amazing and hardworking Real Estate agents were looking at me. Here is the video.

I am not a shy person, but preparing for this moment was nerve wracking. At the end, I am happy I could share my expertise with fellow colleagues.


Here are the top points I touched in this video:

1. My philosophy

2. An Overview of my life story and how I came to be a real estate agent.

3. How I bought my first house.

4. How I flipped my first house. 


Q&A Section:

1. "Diego, where do you live?"

   - Well, I bought my dream home when I was 25 and I have never spent the night there. I spend most nights at the Varo Inc Office, at an office I made my dormitory.


2. "Do you do any buying and holding?"

    - Yes, I own a few companies. I own Varo Inc. Alvaro was my father's name, Varo was his nickname. Then, I own a holding company, Teodo Holdings LLC. Teodora is my mother's name.  So that's the holding company.  I think all things do come to an end, and flipping is not where it was back in 2010. So I've been buying houses ever since I was 17 and ever since then I've been collecting houses and properties for the long term. I hold on to some residential and commercial property.


3. Do you find that buying and holding is more profitable than flipping in the long run?

   - Yes absolutely, it is its own animal. You could be asleep in China and the holding is still making you money. I get much more excited about the rental.


4. "What do you see as your next goal?"

   - My dad used to tell me a thing. He used to say, "El diamante, el dinero con el valor forma un trio." Which means 'Money, Brains and having Guts in business form a perfect trio.' I believe that if anyone can be amazing at what they do, based on who they are and what they've done, then why can't I be like them too? If I have a goal, the notion of it being far fetched won't stop me.

5. "What would you say brings you the most joy in your life?"

   - To know the answer to this question and the ones that follow, click this link http://youtu.be/Hp7NAzt-1B0  to watch the full video.





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